LovExtension: "Serving to Improve Life!"

What is LovExtension and what does LovExtension do?
LovExtension is a nonprofit organization consisting entirely of volunteers who are serving to improve life for the under-served elderly and disabled communities in Lake County and The Villages, Florida. Primarily, we provide social and well-being visits for folks who do not have much support, and we also distribute donated items and supplies to those in need.

The Founder's Story
"I was a caregiver for my parents and for a short period of time, my mother had to be in a nursing home. My dad and I visited her daily. During one of the visits, we noticed an elderly gentleman that was visiting his wife. He became weak and I asked him if we could drive him home or follow him home. He said he would appreciate us following him home. When we arrived at his home, he told us he had no food in his house and his wife was in the nursing home with Alzheimer's. She was also the cook. I asked him if he had a microwave and if he knew how to use it. Yes and yes.

So my dad and I went to the store and returned with microwavable food. I also returned to the nursing home and informed them about what was going on. They made arrangements for the gentleman to eat at the nursing home with his wife. Until this gentleman reached his breaking point, and told someone, no one knew his situation. He had four daughters living out of state, but did not want them to know. LovExtension was founded in 2001 to be a liaison between children living out of state and their parents who retired to Florida. We also wanted to provide social visits to help with loneliness and depression."
Linda Krupski, LovExtension Founder

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Services Provided
Social visits, by a volunteer (if available) at a time convenient to the volunteer
Food to help stretch a fixed income
Incontinence items
Protein drinks
Gently used medical equipment
Local resources

Services Not Provided
Do not transport
Do not provide medical home care
Do not prepare meals or medications
Do not provide a cleaning service

How Can You Help?
Become a volunteer here is our volunteer application (a
PDF viewer is needed; get one free Here)
Help pack food for seniors
Deliver food to seniors
Donate incontinence items: adult pull-ups, bed pads, bladder pads, guards
Donate protein drinks
Donate gently used medical equipment
Donate monetarily
Please click HERE for more information about donating.

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"We'll do our very best to provide love and attention to your loved one in a quality and professional manner."


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Office Address:
322 E. Alfred Street
Tavares, Florida

Mailing Address:
ovExtension, Inc.
P.O. Box 1095
Umatilla, FL 32784
Phone or Fax: 352-669-1121

Licensed and Bonded.

LovExtension, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
, EIN: 26-2427559.
 Lakeridge Winery logo and link to event benefiting LovExtension
We thank Lakeridge Winery for their Summer '19 Grape Stomp event benefiting LovExtension!

We thank Lakeridge Winery for their BBQ and Blues Festival 2019 event benefiting LovExtension!

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LovExtension thanks United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties for being a funding partner!

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