LovExtension: "Serving to Improve Life!"

What is LovExtension and what does LovExtension do?
LovExtension is a nonprofit organization consisting entirely of volunteers who are serving to improve life for the under-served elderly and disabled communities in Lake County and The Villages, Florida. Primarily, we provide social and well-being visits for folks who do not have much support, and we also distribute donated items and supplies to those in need.

A LovExtension 97th Birthday visit!    Bobbie receiving a LovExtension visit!    A LovExtension Graduation Visit!    A LovExtension nursing home visit!    A LovExtension Birthday visit!
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A professional service we provide for your central Florida loved one -- because you care!

Contact us today to set up a visit for your loved one!
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May we help you?
LovExtension would like to be an extension of your family. We realize that aging parents are often living in Florida while their children live elsewhere. Due to distance, visits are limited. Sometimes elderly parents have out-lived most of their age-similar friends and family. Loneliness can deteriorate health and life. Facilities have many caring individuals working in them, but a visit from someone that comes to see your loved one… helps them feel really special! We want to extend your love.
Would you like:
• To have some of your loved one’s favorite stories from the past recorded, but do not have the time?
• Someone to pick up groceries/medicine after you have made arrangements with the store/pharmacy?
• Flowers placed at the cemetery on a regular basis for deceased loved ones?
• To adopt a senior citizen and have LovExtension visit on your behalf?

What will LovExtension provide?
• Hugs, attention, and affection
• A professional visitation service on a weekly or monthly basis
• A visit to persons that are hospitalized, residing in a nursing home, assisted living facility, retirement communities, or home
• A detailed summary of the visit to keep you informed of specifics concerning your loved one
• A special gift such as a milkshake, a basket of flowers, cake, balloons, a plate of cookies, or a meal from a favorite fast food restaurant

Would you like to help?
You can help by volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation -- click HERE for details!

Contact us today!
Just let us know the occasions that you can't be there for and we will fill in and extend your love.
Call Linda Krupski (see below) if you would like to discuss visitation for someone you care about.  Brochures are available.  


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LovExtension, Inc.
P.O. Box 1095
Umatilla, FL 32784
Phone or Fax: 352-669-1121

Licensed and Bonded.

LovExtension, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
LovExtension thanks Lake County for being a funding partner!

LovExtension thanks Community Foundation of South Lake for being a funding partner!

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